I have been making some form of art ever since I can remember. My life has been very rich in all the colorful culture that my birthplace Venezuela has to offer and later on, growing up in Colombia and Costa Rica. I can certainty say that I learned several art styles and techniques on the way. When I started studying 3D digital animation I realized that I loved animating and making art at the same time, so the path of stop motion captivated me right away. I have been learning much on my own everything that it takes to create this world, from experimental animation, to set building, to puppet making, and the ambition and beauty that there is to be found in this particular style of animation have made me realize that there is no other world I’d rather belong to. I have been very lucky to have guidance from friends with incredible talent who inspire me to keep testing, building, drawing, sculpting, painting, sketching and animating the ideas that pop in my head.


In the words of Mrs. Fox form Fantastic Mr. Fox:


" We are all different-- him specially -- but there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there?"




  • Stop-Motion Masters Degree- BAU Design College of Barcelona

  • Internishp at Citoplasmas Studio- Barcelona

  • Honors Graduate - Veritas University

  • Clay / Wax Mold - Nahual Studio - Course Completed

  • Latex Masks - Nahual Studio - Course Completed

  • Member of Max Rojas's Art Studio - Costa Rica

  • Motion Graphics/Video Editor - SBR Marketing

  • Stop Motion Professor - Creativa University

  • Video Dep. Manager - SBR Marketing

  • 3D Character Modeling - Inova Tech





Tel: (+34) 682 72 02 04


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