The sculpture is done with Chavant and the mold is made with alginate. The great part of this process is that when you go from a clay sculpture to a wax sculpture, the artist has the oportunity to make far more details. You can buy jewlery wax or make your own recipe. My Wax contains:

  • 100% Bee's Wax

  • Parafin

  • Talcum Powder

  • Wax Crayons  (for coloring)

Things to watch out for:

  • Careful with the Paraffin, if you add too much the final result can easily crumble when it dries, but if you use too little the final wax will not have enough strength in body.

  • When pouring the wax, be sure to do it carefully taping the sides of the mold to avoid bubles, but do it fast, because the wax dries quickly and you dont want your sculpture to come out with noticeable layers.

  • Once the wax mold dries and you take it out, be sure to have all the love and patience in the world to remove the dry alginate that is stuck to it. 


This is a sculpture of my grandmothers hands. Which to me are beautiful with all their grooves and shape. Done with Chavant. ‚Äč


Super Sculpey Croc.

Created with a wire structure, filled with aluminium foil, wrapped in tape and covered in poxilina clay. Once dry, layers of super sculpy, worked to the final shape and then cooked with a heat gun.

Chavant hand