This short film was 100% experimental and 200% challenging to make. I knew I wanted to make a stop motion animation, but I wasn’t sure how or what to make it about. So I decided that one of the perks of stop motion is how beautifully stimulating it is visually, that’s why I decided to use as many materials as I could incorporate and make worlds of color and texture.

Each segment had its challenge, but I feel like the most difficult part was making sure that the movement was properly timed and that the sequence didn’t suffer any accidents… like bumping into the tripod. It happened often.

But if I could say for certain anything about ‘IS’, is that I loved how it has a raw kind of feel to it. Non-polished materials, and a white character who transforms itself to be better integrated in its new surroundings. Like all of us must do at any give moment in our lives. 

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